Your invitation to join the flow - Agfa on UKIO 2023

Join us at UKIO 2023 

June 5-7 2023  |  Stand B23  |  ACC Liverpool, United Kingdom

Allow us to demonstrate how Enterprise Imaging can support you to meet Diagnostic productivity targets, reduce Imaging and Reporting backlogs and remain in the Reporting flow whilst also allowing you to focus on patient diagnosis and treatment.


Balance radiology workloads and expertise

Cross boundary, cross ology, and accessible for all including patients and referrers. Join the AGFA HealthCare team to see the very latest from our class-leading Enterprise Imaging platform, which is enriched with the latest technical and clinical innovations.

A single platform, and a unified clinical experience regardless of location. Learn about how Enterprise Imaging Platform 8.2 enables the Diagnostic pathway, delivering the right image at the right time, in the right place.

Solidifying our class-leading solution, and enhancing productivity for users, AGFA HealthCare is delighted to share our latest version. The launch of Enterprise Imaging 8.2 is set deliver on diagnostic service transformation, and we are excited to demonstrate the rich functionality and clinical enhancements at the UK’s most reputable radiology event.

Innovation Highlights

  • Cloud Enabled Solution
  • Shared Reading across Regions
  • Clinical Multi Media Workflows
  • XERO Portal
  • Teach and Research
  • Peer Learning and Review
  • Critical and Actionable Findings
  • Advanced Visualisation
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Proven for Market RUBEE for AI
  • Precision Reporting
  • Sophisticated Obstetrics package

Precision Reporting

Precision Reporting enables Reporters to use standardised terminology and classifications, diagrams and graphs for reporting and data collection, as defined by national and international guidelines.

Precision Reporting incl. BI-RADS and PI-RADS, Obstetric Ultrasound and Cardiac MR Reporting

Shared Reading Workflow

Enables shared reading workflows across Regions without the requirement for costly manual and software intervention Optimises capacity utilisation of radiologist and radiographer resources to optimise cost across your Imaging network.

Reduce report turnaround time, reduce patient milage and balance radiologist workload by sharing reading tasks with hospitals within your Health Network.

Business Intelligence (BI) analytics

Offers a Real time Dashboard for easy access to Operational and Clinical key performance indicators. Reports can be seamlessly embedded in clinician, management and administrator workplaces Simplify creating custom BI reports as well as provides a smart set of pre-defined reports and analysis to better understand KPIs.

Xero Workflow

Advanced Worklists, Hanging Protocols, MIP and MPR facilitate advanced workflows for Radiologists and Clinicians using XERO Workflow. New Reporting tools including advanced Cardiology tool sets:

Inc. Mobile structured cardiology reporting with XERO Workflow for Cardiology powered by ASCEND Inc. Web-based structured ECG reporting with XERO Workflow for Cardiology powered by CORDIANA


Provides quality augmentation of multiple AI algorithms into the workflow routine of radiologists which can reduce time to report massively without losing diagnostic quality.

Inc. AI-based decision support for Breast, Chest Xray and CT Lung exams powered by RUBEE


Including XERO Universal Viewer is Cloud-ready on Microsoft Azure and AWS to outsource management of infrastructure related data protection and security and keep scalability elastic.

and discuss your organisation’s goals with us

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