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Transformative technology to bring your health system into flow.

New Enterprise Imaging workflows and functionalities to deliver quality care across a geographically distributed network.

  • Streaming the Imaging Health NetworkTM
    This pioneering technology creates a real-time multi-entity Imaging Health Record™ for distributed and affiliated health providers across organizations.
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  • Radiology
    Enterprise Imaging for Radiology fosters collaboration across departments, specialties, regions and time zones, improving the continuity of care.
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  • Cardiology
    Across specialties and modalities, Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology improves the cardiologist’s work experience – all in ONE single workspace.
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  • AI
    RUBEE® for AI keeps radiologists in their flow while laying the framework for analytically intelligent “clinical packages” seamlessly embedded within Enterprise Imaging.
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  • Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
    Encounter workflows, multiprocedural exam acquisition and clinical and education reporting workflows - all supported by our analytical data reports which meet your Quality Assurance needs.
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Paul Lipton

“The Imaging Cloud is Hot and Sometimes Hazy –  Gain Clarity with Vision and Results” 

Paul Lipton,
Product Manager, AGFA HealthCare is presenting during #AskIndustry Session

Thursday June 15
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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