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Introducing a groundbreaking leap forward for health systems. 

The AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Streaming Client creating efficiencies that empower radiologists to keep work and life in balance.

Clinical innovations

Streaming Client: Radiologists need images that display in seconds, not minutes - wherever they are. With this web-based technology, AGFA Enterprise Imaging makes images available in seconds, empowering all members of the care team to collaborate seamlessly. By enabling radiologists to break free from geographic constraints, it supports imaging without barriers.

Workflow Orchestration*: This transformative solution intelligently orchestrates tasks, helping radiologists to stay in the flow of their daily working routines and unleashing remote resources across borders. 
RUBEE® AI packages: AGFA HealthCare is showcasing its expanded portfolio of AI packages, demonstrating the power of embedded AI into Enterprise Imaging workflows, and how our customers are leveraging these innovations into their daily practice and being more productive.  

SaaS: With Software as a Service (SaaS), healthcare providers can enjoy a myriad of benefits including faster deployment, lower costs, reduced hardware and maintenance, enhanced scalability and integration, ease of use,  remote accessibility, and more.
Cloud Services: These customizable services seamlessly close the image management infrastructure gap, delivering a solution that is more secure, scalable, and accessible; easier to maintain and use; at a more predictable cost.

*Work in progress

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